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DealDash Clone Penny Auction TemplateWe are a leader in cloud based high performance penny auction software. Our customer service is second to none. And our pricing structure is designed to allow easy market entry for the new business owner. Or an existing business owner floating a new business idea.

Our software is built upon Code Igniter and NodeJS. And is the most up to date software on the market for this industry.

Our core product is a high-performance scaleable Penny Auction Software engine. For the penny auction market there is no better or more scaleable solution. It scales easily to Load Balanced configurations. And runs on either Apache or NGINX servers. Bids are tracked in thousands of a second. Thus supplying a greater level of accuracy than other platforms. And because it uses websockets rather than AJAX, all auction changes happen immediately to all users browsers.Quibids Clone Penny Auction Template

We also offer a shopping cart that integrates seamlessly with our auction program. And have over 20 payment gateway solutions to offer.

We offer excellent rates for custom code and design. With fast turnaround and a responsive, professional team located in the United States.

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Using our own core engine and API technology we have also developed other auction platforms. Specific to our clients needs, ideas, or their vertical market.

Orangebids Clone Penny Auction Software TemplateIf you're in the market for a penny auction software solution or an auction platform loosely related to any one of our existing auction solutions. Or you are looking for an auction solution particular to your vertical market we urge you to contact us.


We have numerous mobile responsive templates to choose from before you even making your own design changes. Including a Quibids Clone, Dealdash Clone and many more

Be sure to check out our Live Demos, including a working backend

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